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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Road Music: You Can Do Better!

If you live in Los Angeles, I need you to start playing a soundtrack appropriate for this town and its’ intense history.  It’s been too long since I’ve heard a tune of any worth coming from a vehicle in this city of great movie and music history.

Now, I’m not expecting you to play my favorite songs of course, but at least the hits by these bands that made music worthy of being heard on a regular basis.  You’d be surprised by all the great emotionally or intellectually hard driven tunes that are out there for you to blast. And I’m talking about wacko tunes from artists not known by the average citizen for being wacko. You are missing out by settling for what passes for entertainment nowadays. The great songwriters are gone. Enjoy their most exciting works. Listen to an entire catalog before falling back to adding only a hits collection into your ipod.

The quality of your life is directly related to what you feed your mind. George Carlin made such a reference once how we worry about keeping our bodies in shape only to feed our minds junk. Not everything we produce is worthy of worship. The industry would shrink if what came from it was only of the highest quality.

So it is up to you! Start small, but start.

Since experimental rock history is dead and buried on a commercial level, go back to when the last new radio sounds were released: 1979 to 1984. If you can handle the lack of sonic punch from even an earlier time, go back to the 1960’s.

Don’t be bashful in blasting your favorite tunes. Get out there and crank it up !

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  1. I think My Bloody Valentine would also qualify as a master songwriter under your distortion art category!