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Thursday, June 3, 2010

What They SHOULD! Be Known For

Wang Chung - "Fire in the Twilight" : This song got plenty of airplay at the time and is a great upbeat tune which doesn't weaken over the years, thanks to a good production.  Not dated to the year it was released, this stand-out track seems to be only available on The Breakfast Club soundtrack. 

Instead of being known for the embarrasing "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight," this should be the tune played everywhere.  Of course, the first famous tune is good, "Dance Hall Days," but "Fire in the Twilight" could remind people what a good pop-rock song is all about.

Nena - "Just A Dream" : This is what a gold standard of '80's pop should be!  After "99 Luftballons" bleeds your ears numb, switch to this excellent tune from the same album.  A song this good deserves heavy!!!

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