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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Death Of The Revolution : A Note To The Young

"The revolution will definitely not be televised !" is how it should read.  Why ? Because it already happened. You missed it. Don't worry, I missed it too ... almost.  Most of it happened before the age of video.  And when video did hit, the vehicle for delivery was quickly corrupted. At least I caught it all in different doses until the time I could go back and complete my toolbox.

I think I was the last generation to be heavily affected by the '60's while having '70's radio still hittin' us with the '50's. The last of the bunch who still awaited solo outings by all 4 Beatles. The last to not be distracted by technological advances that fill our every moment today. There was no home video, no video games, no computers.  Can you even imagine ?!  This is why music was king.  And this is where the mind worked its' magic to take you to places where books and movies had done so previously.  I felt I was living inside the soundscapes, being that I was so young.  And when the adventure came to a grinding halt, I was stunned.

Now, though, I get to that place by researching what I missed and placing my mind back into that place where I can imagine how I would have felt about them if I had heard it back then. It's both the experience of the adult and the child all in one.  This is what the internet can do for those of you who missed it all.  And if you think you didn't miss that much, go look-up every experimental, but commercially successful artist of '64 thru '84 (for starters) and discover that nothing today will ever compare.  For those of you who live for audio adventure, this is your destiny.  Good luck and stand firm.

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