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Sunday, October 19, 2014

'Modern Life Is Rubbish' Makes The Memory Of Their First Album A Blur

This album will take me some more time to expand on, as I'm still shocked at how good and out-of-nowhere it is. Never talked about in America, and never truly respected as a great band, this is one of the greatest records never played.  This is the kind of record I imagined Ogden's Nut Gone Flake by The Small Faces to be was until I went back to listen to it.  But, to be honest, I chucked Ogden.. out as soon as I completed re-buying all The Kinks albums again in the late-'80's.

It's not enough to say this or that song kicks or covers the same ground as The Kinks or Madness at their English best. One has to listen and feel the storybook weave in the ears, so if you like the above mentioned bands, climb into the band at this point, but get out before their '97 self-titled album blows the dream-state up.  '90's bands felt the pressure to compete with Grunge the same way Acid Rock destroyed storybook bands of the mid-'60s. Blur is a good record, but by a band with a different mindset. Like Catherine Wheel doing the same on their American-sounding Happy Days, the opposite of the English sounding Ferment and Chrome. It's enough that Blur can live up to any hype.  They have chops, they have variety, and they have smarts.  If that's not what should qualify a band to any Rock music lover's collection, then go be a sucker for the next pile of dung someone's coming to sell ya ... Bon Appetite !


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